OotiniCast Episode 173

There’s lots of news this week, including the Shadow of Revan press event, the Rakghouls return, participation in Ranked PvP Season 3, and much more.

1. Introduction

Charlie (Kranitoko) has started his Krandom series, where he amalgamates the introductions from his Hypercrate opening videos. The first has the introductions for the Starfighter Pack openings.

He also attended London Comic Con:

Charlie and the Stormtrooper

Charlie and the Stormtrooper

Cosplaying at its best

Cosplaying at its best

Charlie as The Slender Man

Charlie as The Slender Man

2. Tip of the week

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Taralma of the Old Republic Dads guild on The Shadowlands! Thanks to Billyando and Yajard for entering.

Please send your tips to ootinicast@gmail.com by next Wednesday for a chance to win an M8-R3 code, courtesy of BioWare, and an OotiniCast-provided Cartel Market pack from the latest shipment.

3. Holofeed

  • In honour of Halloween (at least in spirit), there are a number of “frightening deals” on the Cartel Market until Tuesday 4 November.
  • Continuing with the spooky theme, the Rakghoul Resurgence event is back, this time on Corellia. It will end at server reset on Tuesday 4 November (5am Pacific).
  • The current per-server character limit may be raised above the current maximum of 22 if it’s determined that game performance won’t be negatively impacted.
  • While we’re not getting dual-spec or an equipment manager in Game Update 3.0, it seems we are getting a random mount button.
  • The Imperial and Republic Medical Droid decorations do not currently work as vendors; this will be fixed in a patch to be deployed “shortly”.
  • Charles Boyd (Lead Writer) has written Bedtime on Condordia, which appears to be foreshadowing the reappearance of Shae Vizla, a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter who was last seen as part of the assault on the Jedi Temple in the Deception cinematic trailer.
  • In Game Update 3.0, Planetary and Classic Commendations will no longer exist, as they are being merged into Basic Commendations. All Elite and Ultimate Commendations will be converted (at a ratio to be determined) into Basic Commendations when Game Update 3.0 goes live on 2 December.
  • Electronic Arts had its Q2 2015 Earnings Conference Call, in which SWTOR was briefly mentioned as contributing to their “free-to-play segment”.
  • The following graphs show the participation in Ranked PvP for Season 3. You can compare with the final graphs for Season 2 in the post for episode 159.
    Ranked PvP Season 3 (group)

    Ranked PvP Season 3 (group)

    Ranked PvP Season 3 (solo)

    Ranked PvP Season 3 (solo)

  • A press-only livestream was held and subsequently written about by Ten Ton Hammer, MMORPG.com and Massively.
  • Werit (@Werit) of Werit’s Blog had a number of his questions about Game Update 3.0 answered by BioWare.

4. Community

Our guildmate @HamSammich is resurrecting the Ootini Templars! To find out more, see his post on our forums.

Augustuz of www.mattbrady.tk has offered to do comics for some of our upcoming episodes. He created these awesome wallpapers; this is Teo’s favourite:


He also created the following comic for our recent spoilercast:

Matt Brady - Revan's Mask

To find out the latest details about our Ootini Cantina being held on Saturday 8 November, please visit ootinicast.com/cantina.

5. Force Feedback

Terg sent us the following to show the difference between previewing and actually wearing the Rakghoul event gear:

Terg - luminscent armor

The adventures of Boss’Chong continue! Here he is on Harbinger patrol:

Chong - patrol

In Chong’s words, “When Boss’Chong gets wounded, he cauterizes it with a FLAMETHROWER! He is the BOSS!”:

Chong - flamethrower

6. Outro

Thanks to Charlie (@Kranitoko, YouTube channel) and Redna (@R3DN4, twitch.tv/r3dn4) for joining us this week.

Information about our guilds on The Harbinger, Ootini Knights (Republic) and Ootini Rage (Empire), can be found here.

You can email questions and comments about the show to ootinicast@gmail.com. Follow us on Twitter via @OotiniCast. Check out our website, ootinicast.com, which has links to our presence on Google+ and Facebook. You can subscribe to us on iTunes, and listen to us on Stitcher and Spreaker. We record the show live every Wednesday at 4:30pm Pacific, goto ootinicast.com/live to find out how to join in!



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