Ootini Cantina (Las Vegas 2014)

The Ootini Cantina is an alternative event being organised in response to the unexpected change in date of BioWare’s Community Cantina, which is now being held the following weekend on 15 November. Given that many of us had already made travel plans to be there on the original weekend, we decided to make our own fun, including our first (and probably only) live recording with all the hosts of OotiniCast in the same room.

We’ll open the doors at 2pm, so please come and mingle before we start the live recording at 3pm. We’ll attempt to livestream the recording and subsequent shenanigans if possible.

BioWare have provided some swag which we’ll give away throughout the event. We’re planning on an interactive Q&A with those attending. Feel free to ask us anything!

We want to ensure that we’ll have sufficient space and catering for those who choose to join us, so if you plan on attending, RSVP by responding to this post via a comment below or sending a Tweet to @OotiniCast using the #OotiniCantina hashtag.



Ootini Cantina (Las Vegas 2014) — 10 Comments

  1. I’d pick this event over the official Bioware cantina if I could go.


    It should be called “The Ootini Cantini”


  2. I’m so glad you guys are doing this. I’m so sorry for everyone affected by this. Trust me, I have been there. In August, 2012, Bioware cancelled an official event 15 days before it occurred. I was going to that event, and man, that hurt a lot. To this day, I’m frustrated at how Bioware handled it – which is to say they pretty much just pretended it never happened.

    I emailed Teo with the proof and details, but the basics of it are below:
    Confirmation as late as May 31st that they would go to Celebration

    Cancellation on August 8th

    The event was to be held August 23rd-26th at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, FL

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