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This is a very simple trainer to help you learn how to read Aurebesh. It presents a randomly selected word displayed using Aurebesh characters; all you have to do is type in the translation. The background will change to red if the translation is incorrect. Once the word is entered, hit enter to get another word. Alternatively, press the [Next word] button to get another one, regardless of whether your translation is correct.

The words used all appeared in the original three Star Wars movies. The words for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope were kindly provided by @Tom7, who used the list to create his ARST ARSW: Star Wars sorted alphabetically video, in which he shows the usage of each word from the movie, in alphabetical order. Quite a feat! I then added the words for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

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Aurebesh Trainer — 64 Comments

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  3. This is absurdly entertaining. Every time I get a word figured out I can hear a line in the movie where it’s used. I may have seen this film a few too many times…

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    • Thanks Jonathan! I did consider that, but it seems that most games that use Aurebesh, and (as far as I know) the Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, don’t use them. Maybe I could add that as an option…

      • Hey I love this it has allowed me to learn how to read each letter really well but for me to be able to understand it as a word it might help if you add in a soft-keyboard where you can type aurebesh characters for English words that are displayed if you get what I mean

      • yeah I remember heating that in canon the thesh or cherek letters arent used and you just use the cresh and herf or the senth and herf next to eachother

  5. Dual-Letter characters are part of the alphabet, so I suggest to include them.

    I would also suggests a simplified version (or at least an option for it), where learning the letters is more gradual. You start with just a few letters 2 or 3 and after you enter successfully a dozen or two of words (they might not even be real words, just a semi-random* sequence of letters), another letter is added. This way learning the alphabet would be so much easier and faster.

    Otherwise learning 30+ letters at the same time is very hard and more time consuming.


    *semi-random – the new letter should appear in all or almost all words, so that people would get used to it.

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  7. This website is AWESOME!!!!!!! I’ve all ways wanted to learn Aurebesh and now I can. I can finally understand the words in the movie, games, and posters. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????☺️????????????????????????

  8. This is a fun little game I love to play when I’m bored that also helps me brush up on my Aurebesh. I love it!

  9. Thanks for this. Is there a place where you have whole texts written in Aurebesh? It would be fun to read, and one could use other strategies than letter-by-letter decoding, like prediction from content. I’d love to read Star Wars content in Aurebesh.

    • You can often see this language written on screen of the people in star wars and helmets and ships in general. It’ll be cool to translate if u see some in the movies.

  10. i learned the Aurebesh alphabet by handwriting each letter, its name, and its symbol over and over, as well as reciting it aloud. very old-school approach. it’s helped terrifically. i’m amazed that i’m already able to type in each word in this trainer quite quickly, & i’ve only been teaching myself Aurebesh for the last 2 days! i’m so happy i’m finally learning this. thank you for the trainer! my hope is to speed-read Aurebesh as if it was English.
    can’t wait to go back to Batuu!

    • Well done, mate. Being able to read the Aurebesh makes watching shows like Rebels that much more entertaining, as you notice just how many signs and screens are scattered around in the background. πŸ™‚

    • Which line through which characters, Xavier? You should be teaching English letters, the translation of what’s written in the Aurebesh. Apologies if I’ve misunderstood your question. πŸ™‚

  11. I dont know if its just for me, but whenever i try to type an apostrophe even if the word has an apostrophe, it still marks it as wrong

    • Thanks for the feedback! Trying it myself, I can enter an apostrophe just fine. Specifically, the key [‘] (with ” above it) on a US keyboard next to the [;] key. Is that the apostrophe you’re using?

  12. This is awesome but it would be nice if there was an app or maybe a option to practice writing aurebesh instead of reading it

  13. are there other trainers like this but for different languages? i really want to learn mando’a, huttese, sith, and/or geonosian but i’ve looked all over and can’t find anything else

    • Not that I’m aware of. I’ll see what I can come up with, though I suspect non-English languages would be a lot harder! The Aurebesh is just a character set, versus an entire different language…

        • I did get that, but made the (I now realise unfounded!) assumption that those languages didn’t have a one to one mapping to English letters and numbers.

          – Mando’a: yes, I was wrong! It does indeed have a mapped character set.
          – Huttese: yep, wrong again. There’s a complete character set for Trade Huttese, and an incomplete version of Nal-Huttese.
          – Sith: oh wow, full character set here too, for Common Sith.
          – Genosian: bugger, yep, there it is. Full character set.

          And while looking, I also came across:

          – Trade Federation
          – Outer Rim Basic (kinda looks like Klingon)
          – Ewokese (bit like Egyptian hieroglyphics)
          – Droid (I didn’t know that was a thing!)
          – Atrisian (never heard of it)
          – Futhark (or this one)
          – Futhork (or this one!)

          So yeah, apologies Mercer, it *is* possible (and thanks Chris for pointing out my error). So yeah, consider it under development.

          I’m building an iOS/Android app based on this page, and once done will mirror the same look’n’feel here. It’s slow going (not my day job!), but progress is being made. Adding all these other character sets makes it a lot more useable. Thank you!

  14. Hey I just noticed that the website wasn’t displaying any of the words in aurebesh, just a black bar. Not sure why… Might be an issue with the servers I’m on, anyone else have this issue?

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