OotiniCast Episode 81

We discuss the latest news, philosophise a little about bolster in 2.0, then go over the Q&A at last week’s Community Cantina in Dallas.

1. Introduction

When remodelling his Scoundrel, Hyp noticed that his eyebrow colour didn’t change with his hair.

Eyebrow colour immutable

Regardless, he went ahead with the change. Here is Pearlneck in all his over-sized glory:

Purple Pearlneck

Wracked with indecision, Hyp tries some different approaches with his Marauder, Baldy. First, a failed attempt to add some girlishness:

Girly Baldy

Next, seeing whether a bit of overfeeding would help. Apparently not.

Busty Baldy

The final product is pretty similar to the original, though the application of a green and gold (i.e., yellow) Dye Module ensures she’s ready to direct traffic if needed.

Baldy ready to direct traffic

In his relentless search for bugs, Redna hit gold this week: he managed to jump into the room with the Tron boss in Terror From Beyond without getting a colour.

Jumping into the Tron boss without taking a colour

2. Trivia Question/Tips

When we don’t have a trivia question, we’d like to put in some game tips in this place. Please send them to ootinicast@gmail.com; if we use yours we’ll send you a Cartel pack as thanks, plus a Taun Fawn code (courtesy of BioWare) if you don’t have one.

3. Holofeed

  • Game Update 2.1.0b was deployed late last week, to fix an exploit where players were able to use the Collections UI to copy color crystals and then vendor them for a reasonable number of credits. The patch reduced the credit return to a trivial amount.
  • The Gree are back, though only a week this time. While the event is unchanged from last time, and thus still level 50, when they come again they will have been upgraded to level 55.
  • The Unify to Chestpiece option is not working with Dye Modules that only have a primary or secondary colour. Also note that some items have a tertiary colour that is not affected by Dye Modules.
  • Game Update 2.1.1 will be deployed on Wednesday 29 May (delayed from Tuesday due to the Memorial Day long weekend in the US). A couple of class mirroring inconsistencies will be fixed (affecting Juggernautsย and Sorcerers), a bug affecting Assault-spec’d Troopers, and relic “proc stacking” will no longer work.
  • Paid character transfers are planned to be available with Game Update 2.2. The APAC (Asia-Pacific) free character transfers will happen before that.
  • Eric Musco (Community Manager)ย explains how player feedback is incorporated into the development process.
  • Courtney Wood confirmed the criteria used to determine which items have Dye Modules. It seems that craftable orange gloves wearable below level 15 are not included.
  • Eric Musco and Cory Butler explain the reasoning behind charging subscribers Cartel Coins for some items and services.
  • Damion Schubert explains why some armor sets have to be complete before they can be unlocked in the Collections UI, and gives some hope that this may change in the future.
  • BioWare’s security manager, the loquacious Phillip, encourages players to report any occurrence of speed hacking they observe.
  • Amber Green (Live Services Specialist) appears to be instrumental in creating a new Bug Report Forum on the official site. Find out more about it here.

4. Community

We recommend checking out the SWTOR Cartel market Items Guide and Overview over on SWTOR Strategies.

Kuze is hoping to get his instructional video on platforming out this week, as well as new guides for Datacrons on Dromund Kaas and Coruscant. You can find his existing guides in Kuze’s Korner.

For those interested in joining Ootini Fight Club for some endgame PvP, please contact Chong by email (empiredivider@gmail.com).

5. Force Feedback

We discuss tweets from @ForceChuckle, @bytorsnowdog (Snowy), @SuperGeaK96 (Justin), @JediKrackr, @rbleamon (Ray Leamon), @ben_b55 (Ben B), @madmar_sith, @EmpireDivider (Chong), @Mal_Kizdek (Shammar), @blinkwise (Rory), @Jayconnell (Jason Connell) and @BillLentz (Bill Lentz), and emails from Marc, Jason Scott, Hash, Eric (EvZ) and Jason.

@DurtaDurta referred @ArrTeaBee to our Aurebesh trainer.

It seems that @madmar_sith‘s #SWTORFamily (be sure to follow him back to join the #swtorfamily!) is now 100 days “young”!

SWTORFamily 100 days

Our guildmate Rub (@Rrubb) shows us his attempt to reproduce a Thundercat in SWTOR:

Thundercat 0

Thundercat 1

Chong (@EmpireDivider) took this picture of our guildmate Vis (@AHlaenxna) doing a 30-54 warzone at level 55:

Vis is 50 in 30-54 match

When copying a SWTOR installation from one computer to another, after installing the client on the new computer (but before you run the launcher), Marc suggests copying in the following order to ensure that your options are preserved:

  1. The SWTOR install files in the C:\Program Files\EA directory (main client)
  2. The SWTOR settings folder in C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\SWTOR (this is where the keybindings, resolution, UI settings etc are kept)
  3. The SWTOR folder inside of C:\Users\{username}\My Documents (screenshots & combat logs)

6. Sarlacc Digest

We discuss the Community Cantina that was held in Dallas on 17 May. We go over the comprehensive summary provided by listener Oxi and his wife Kitkam, along with notes from Jeff Dimbo (@Dimbo56), SWTOR Mayor.

If you have the opportunity to attend an upcoming Community Cantina, sounds like it’ll definitely be worth your time!

7. Outro

Thanks to Redna (@RystoJ) and Hyp (@Hypknotoad) for joining us this week.

Information about our guilds on The Harbinger, Ootini Knights (Republic) and Ootini Rage (Empire), can be found here.

You can email questions and comments about the show to ootinicast@gmail.com. Follow us on Twitter via @OotiniCast. Check out our website, ootinicast.com, which has links to our presence on Google+ and Facebook. We are a proud member of the TOR Syndicate! You can subscribe to us on iTunes and Zune, and listen to us on Stitcher and Radio Paragon.



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