OotiniCast Episode 1

In our inaugural episode, your hosts Chill and Teo are joined by Hypknotoad and Skove. We spend most of the episode describing SWTOR from the point of view of a current player of WoW, as well as briefly covering some news (last Beta Testing Weekend, Early Game Access, no grace period for entering game codes, and Outlaw’s Den).

1. Introduction
2. Questions to the panel
  • What other MMOs have you tried?
  • If you have a computer that plays WoW, will it also be able to play SWTOR?  What if you play on a Mac?
  • In what basic ways is SWTOR like WoW?  What are some of the big differences?
  • How do Companions work?
  • How does crafting work, in general?
  • Is there an Auction House/Bank/Hearthstone/Flight Path equivalent?
  • Is it known when we get mounts?
3. Force Feedback
4. The Holofeed
  • Fourth and last Beta Testing Weekend
  • How Early Game Access will work
  • No grace period to enter game codes after launch?
  • Outlaw’s Den
5. The Sarlacc Digest
6. This week’s trivia question:
  • Before they were Ewoks, Lucas was going to use a different race in the Battle of Endor. This race has appeared elsewhere in the Star Wars movies. What race, and why the change?
7. Outro

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