OotiniCast Episode 9

Chill and Teo are joined by Neth and Rub to discuss the latest news, go over the feedback from the slicing debate held in our previous episode, and then to talk about what one does at level 50.

1. Introduction
2. Question to the panel
3. Trivia question
  • This week’s challenge: A ship says something about the person who owns it. What are the names of these three ships: 1) Boba Fett’s ship, 2) Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer, 3) Lando Calrissian’s pleasure yacht. The last is the hardest, but does appear multiple times in the expanded universe of Star Wars. If you can’t come up with the Lando Calrissian one, we will accept a humorous answer instead.
  • If you are interested in being entered in the random drawing for an in-game prize offered on Republic-side Space Slug, please send your answer to ootinicast@gmail.com
4. The Holofeed
  • Patch 1.0.2d went live during this week’s maintenance which was delayed until Thursday
  • Game Update 1.1 “Rise of the Rakghouls” will go live this coming Tuesday 17 January. You can find all the details in the patch notes (original post and a subsequent post with additional changes).
  • Game Update 1.1 will include a new level 50 flashpoint, “Kaon under Siege”. You can see its trailer on the SWTOR site or YouTube.
  • Stephen Reid explains why only low and medium resolution textures are available during normal gameplay, with the high resolution textures only being used in cut-scenes.
  • It turns out that the final mission in the Jedi Knight’s class story really was too hard to solo, and BioWare is going to fix it.
  • Georg Zoeller confirms that the cover mechanic is indeed meant to prevent Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors from leaping on them.
  • BioWare is going all the way with gear customisation, removing the limitations on the modability of operation-level gear, and allowing the stats to be pulled from that gear (including set bonuses) to be used in your existing orange items.
  • Damion Schubert reveals that the equivalent of World of Warcraft’s Dungeon Finder is coming eventually, but at least for now the team is philosophically against ever making it cross-server.
5. Force Feedback
  • We discuss tweets from @toliman (Joli), @DasDec (Skove), @DarthBaelok, @CarlosAlejandre, @Continuumm_PoH and @cypher_x.
  • Thanks for the kind words from @MainGaming1, @DarthGally and @SumDuud.
  • We go over emails from Snowy, the Grey Gamer, Hrugaar, Kono of Keller’s Void and Grant Hennig (Agitarsi), who all comment on the slicing debate which featured our good friend, Oni.
  • Damion Schubert provides BioWare’s reasoning behind the slicing nerf.
6. The Sarlacc Digest
  • Chill has just reached level 50, and so we discuss just what there is to do once you get there. This mainly involves going over the daily missions that become available on Ilum and Belsavis. We also discuss open world PvP and its current state which is clearly not what BioWare intended. BioWare’s Gabe Amatangelo provides a view on how it ended up as it is, and how it’s being fixed in the imminent Game Update 1.1 in an interview with Massively.
  • A few extras:
    • The hanger doors on the main level in the Fleet lead down to the hangar deck, which is actually a big ring road—if you take the wrong door, you can ride around to your hangar without having to go back up.
    • Any lift in the Fleet can be used while mounted on your speeder (no need to dismount when moving between levels).
    • While there are no Quesh commendation vendors on the Fleet, they can be found on Quesh itself, close to the shuttle debarkation point on the planet’s surface.
    • There’s a little padlock icon to the right of the player portrait which can be used to lock and unlock your ability bars.
    • If you are using Windows 7 and use Ventrilo, be sure to run your Ventrilo client as the Adminstrator to ensure your push-to-talk button still works while playing SWTOR.
7. Outro

Thanks to Neth (@Nethwench) and Rub (@Rrubb) for joining us this week.

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