Kuze’s Platforming Guide

Early on in Kuze’s Korner I promised a video guide for platforming in SWTOR. This video is for all levels of players whether they are new to SWTOR, or a long time player (Founder).

My main intent for this guide was to leave everyone with at least one new skill, or to just get you thinking about your different options. I tried to cover as much as possible, but I’m sure there is more to learn from other individuals. I encourage all comments that might help the next person that comes along. I hope you enjoy the video and it makes your datacron hunting a little less painful.

Here is a little definition from Wikipedia: A platform game (or platformer) is a video game which requires an avatar to jump to and from suspended platforms and/or over obstacles (jumping puzzles) to advance the game. The player must control these jumps to avoid the avatar falling from platforms or missing necessary jumps.



Kuze’s Platforming Guide — 11 Comments

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  4. As a Terrible Jumper, I say thank you a million times sir! This (and a lot of practice) may be a game changer for me.

    Plus now I know a new definition for an old word: platformer.

    Learning all the things…

    :O) Fy

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