Ham’s Back-alley Brawl (26 May)

Attention fellow guildies, would you like to win credits, and some sweet, sweet, prizes? If so, sign up for “Ham’s Back-alley Brawl”, to be held on Sunday, May 26, 6:00pm PST (time and/or date are subject to change).

This will be a tournament based guild event to test your skills and aptitude for combat without relying on gear. You will be pitted against each other to duke it out for dominance. There will be two different tournaments, but you can enter both. By the end of the day there will be 3 winners.

Your only requirement is to bring with you EMPTY moddable (Orange) Gear; especially an off-hand but crystals are exempted. All participants will be rewarded with a (one) Cartel Market pack weapon while supplies last.

If you plan to partake in this event, please email Moff Chong (empiredivider@gmail.com), and let me know what character you plan to bring so that I can prepare your complimentary weapon before the event. Further details are below, and if you have questions please also add that in the email.

This is a one day event on May 26, 6:00pm PST (date and time subject to change); So get your datacrons and character to 55 beforehand.

First event prizes (2v2)

2v2 winners’ prize will be two of the newest Cartel Market packs, 2 Gurain Lightning mounts, and 200,000 credits.

Second event prizes (1v1)

1v1 winner’s prize will be two of the newest Cartel Market packs, 1 Gurian Lightning mount, and 200,000 credits.

Just for playing, you will be given a Cartel Market weapon usable by the character you bring.

Rules and Restrictions

Tournaments will be bracketed. The placement in the brackets will be randomly assigned for both 2v2 teams and 1v1 combatants. Note that your teammate for 2v2 will be randomly selected.

For fairness, only characters at level 55 will be allowed to participate.

Fighters will not use or equip Relics, Implants, Earpieces or Head armor.

Consumables and Adrenals will be banned and if found, you and/or your team will be disqualified, forfeiting that round to the other player or team.

Fighters will be required to bring any type of orange (customizable) gear with no modifications for their own use during the matches. This means armor, mod, augment and enhancement slots must be empty.

NOTE: You will be responsible for your own offhand (shield, lightsaber, pistol, vibroknife, etc.). All offhands must have all modifications slots empty, aside for color crystals, which are permitted.

You will also be supplied with 1 health pack and 1 fortitude stim before each fight.

NOTE: Only these given items may be used during the fight.

1v1 matches will be played in a safe area with the use of duel mechanics. No companions are allowed.

2v2 matches will be battled in PvP areas (probably Outlaw’s Den). You will invite your teammate and battle the other team to the death. The last man standing wins for their team. Again, no companions are allowed.

Each match will be the best of three scenarios, first to win two matches moves ahead in the tourney.

Due to the nature of open world PvP, if the battle is interrupted by an NPC or another player, the fight will be stopped and reset. If the match was interrupted by a participant of the event itself the match will be reset and the person who interrupted the fight will be banned from both tournaments (1v1 and 2v2).

Fights will be watched by judges, and players will be inspected to make sure gear is on the up and up. This is also a guild event, so please be respectful to your guildies, and try to play in the spirit of the event.

I do plan to record and edit the fights for posterity and bragging rights. If this is successful more events will be planned in the future.




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