Commendation conversion calculator for Game Update 2.0

As we discussed in episode 68, the existing commendations for a given character will be converted into the new Classic Commendations currency during the deployment of Game Update 2.0, using the following ratios:

  • Columi Commendations 4:1
  • Tionese Commendations 6:1
  • Black Hole Commendations 1:1
  • Daily Commendations 4:1

While Classic Commendations have a weekly cap (200) and an overall cap (400), an overflow cap of 800 will be used for the one-time conversion.

According to Dulfy’s guide, once Game Update 2.0 is deployed, “Unassembled” armor/weapon tokens can be exchanged for containers containing Classic Commendations; this applies to Rakata (75), Columi (75) and Campaign (99). It may be worth hanging onto these, in case you’d like more Classic Commendations after the conversion.

The existing commendations that are currently planet-specific will likewise be converted into a single Planetary Commendations currency, at a ratio of 1:1, with a cap of 50 and an overflow cap of 100 for the one-time conversion when Game Update 2.0 is deployed. Tionese Crystals will also be converted into Planetary Commendations, at a ratio of 2:1.

The following calculator allows you to enter your current number of Commendations; the order in which they’re listed should match what you see in the Currency tab of your inventory.

Columi Commendations:
Tionese Commendations:
Tionese Crystals:
Black Hole Commendations:
Daily Commendations:
Classic Commendations:

Select your faction so that only accessible accessible are shown.

  • Republic
  • Empire

Alderaan Commendations:
Balmorra Commendations:
Belsavis Commendations:
Corellia Commendations:
Coruscant Commendations:
Dromund Kaas Commendations:
Hoth Commendations:
Hutta Commendations:
Korriban Commendations:
Nar Shaddaa Commendations:
Ord mantell Commendations:
Quesh Commendations:
Taris Commendations:
Tatooine Commendations:
Tython Commendations:
Voss Commendations:
Planetary Commendations:



Commendation conversion calculator for Game Update 2.0 — 14 Comments

  1. I’m so glad you guys are helping us get ready for 2.0. I’m gonna tell all my guildmates about this post. Please keep sending us more important information like this for the 2.0 conversation.

  2. From dev post today, Tionese Crystals have been converted to the new “Planetary Commendation” type and no longer drop from any content.

    These are not included in the calculation.

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  6. Thanks for the Commendations-calculator, it works fine, it seems Im overflowed.
    Your site was very helpful :>

    greez TU

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