OotiniCast Episode 37

After covering the latest patch and a couple of Q&As, Chill, Teo and Hyp discuss operations, going over interviews with Jesse Sky, Lead Operations and Flashpoints Designer.

1. Introduction
2. Question to the panel
3. Trivia question

This week’s challenge: This is a ‘who am I’ question—I will describe someone, and you say who I am. I am in two Star Wars movies. I play a leader of some kind in one movie, and that leader’s underling in the other. I am uncredited for both roles. My character dies both times. Who am I? (If you don’t know the name of the actor, naming both roles will suffice.)

If you are interested in being entered in the random drawing for a Tauntaun Fawn code, please send your answer to ootinicast@gmail.com.

4. The Holofeed
5. Force Feedback
  • We discuss tweets from @ForceChuckle, @Dimbo56 and @BytorSnowdog (Snowy).
  • Snowy passed on some funny Star Wars-related pics, reproduced below for your amusement:

  • Snowy also suggests that Teo should create a toon called Inara to do the selling on his ship. As our guildmate Aio will be doing the selling (as he already owns the ship droid). we’ll pass on the suggestion to him.
  • Hru emails us with a question about where to get the mod and enhancement mods (purple 22s). He also has some great advice about how crafting can help gearing up for endgame.
  • Ken Kitzman left a comment on our previous episode, suggesting the following rank names for our guild, Ootini Knights:
    • Jabber
    • Brown Robes
    • Scavenger
    • SaleJawa
    • Ringleader
6. Sarlacc Digest

We talk operations, examining answers from BioWare’s Jesse Sky (Lead Flashpoints and Operations designer) in an interview (“Operations, the Sky’s the limit”) conducted by the Methodical guild on The Bastion (US West PvP server).

Jesse also appeared on the Star Wars: The Old Republic Official Podcast Episode II, along with George Smith, a Senior Designer from Jesse’s team. They provide yet more information about operation design, and what to expect in the future.

7. Outro

Thanks to Hyp (@Hypknotoad) for joining us this week.

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