Kuze on obtaining the new datacrons in Game Update 3.0

Good News Everyone!

We have new Datacrons to strive for in Game Update 3.0! Not to brag (well kind of) but I amazingly predicted that the new expansion would have datacrons for all primary stats, and that’s exactly what we have. This was an easy prediction since the last expansion only had datacrons for Endurance and Presence.

To your like or dislike there are no platforming nightmares involved with getting these new datacrons. Remember, not all datacrons in-game required some sort of platforming to obtain them. Some may only require a simple item to unlock a chest, or another individual to help push a button. This is the same way for 3.0, but is a little more elaborate than just grabbing one item.

To gather the datacrons in Game Update 3.0 you will have to work through five steps. I will give a quick summary with notes, but a full guide with pictures can be found on Dulfy. After completing the full chain you will end up with achievements, titles, a Codex entry (if working), and a stat boost of course. This can be done solo, with a group, and/or summon people during the final step. The key is that after the first step only one person should be completing the final four steps due to the buffs only applying to one person.

The first thing you have to do is collect 3 different “Data Packets” from 3 different rare spawns. These are pig-like creators call Grophets. Note that:

  • A specific “Data Packet” will drop off each rare named Grophet, but are tradable between players.
  • Comments have been made about not using the “Sell Junk” button on vendors to avoid selling the “Data Packets”. Check your inventory when you pick one up.
  • Be on the lookout for any champion level named pigs during your travels.

Second, head to Slave Island and find the “Cybernetic Skull”. Consume the 3 “Data Packets”, then click the skull for a buff. All three packets must be consumed by one person only.

Third, grab the “Deep Sea Pheromones” at the Raider’s Cove Trade port. At this point you should have two buffs: “Neural Imprint” and “Incredible Smell”.

Fourth, go to Sky Ridge Island and find the special rock formation (normal blue interactable color) that will point you to the datacron location. At this point you will be scanned for the appropriate buff.

Note that attempting these last steps without the buffs will result in death and no datacrons, Muahahaha!

Finally, go to the location designated by the blue beam and interact with another rock that will spawn friendly tentacles. The tentacles will then smash the rock open, revealing your long awaited treasure. It’s been noted that the rock is not clickable at times, you might want to try a UI reset (CTRL-U, CTRL-U) if this happens or a relog.

My suggestion is to complete your leveling process while keeping one eye out for the rare spawns and work with your guild to see if all the “Data Packets” have been collected. When your guild has all three “Data Packets” you can trade them to one individual to complete the quest chain, and summon everyone for the treasure buried by some crazy datacron pirates. When all the 3.0 hype is over, you can go back and solo the quest chain for all the achievements and such you missed out on.

Thanks for reading and good luck!



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