Commendation conversion calculator for Game Update 3.0

The existing commendations for a given character will be converted into Basic Commendations during the deployment of Game Update 3.0, using the following ratios:

  • Classic Commendations 2:1
  • Basic Commendations 1:1
  • Elite Commendations 1:2
  • Ultimate Commendations 1:3
  • Planetary Commendations 1:3

While Basic Commendations have an overall cap (1000), an overflow cap of 2000 will be used for the one-time conversion. When Game Update 3.0 goes live, any Basic Commendations you have above the 2000 overflow cap will be lost.

In Game Update 3.0, Classic and Planetary Commendations will no longer exist, with Basic Commendations being effectively a universal, pre-endgame currency. Elite and Ultimate Commendations will start at 0, and can only be earned through endgame activities.

The following calculator allows you to enter your current number of Commendations; the order in which they’re listed should match what you see in the Currency tab of your inventory.

Classic Commendations:
Basic Commendations:
Elite Commendations:
Ultimate Commendations:
Planetary Commendations:
Basic Commendations:

If you’d prefer to use a spreadsheet to track multiple characters, consider using mine as a starting point. It’s a Google Spreadsheet, so you can make a copy for your own use, or download into Excel and go from there.



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