GSH unlock comparison for building your Conquest bonus

As our guildmate Socordia pointed out in this post on our forums, not all GSH (Galactic Strongholds) unlocks are created equal in terms of how much they can increase your personal Conquest bonus. Based upon that truism, I’ve compiled the table below to show the relative values of each unlock. Dulfy’s guide shows where each expansion is located in each Stronghold.

Your Conquest bonus is applied each time you achieve an Conquest objective. It is a percentage, which grants additional points based upon the base value of the objective (not the multiplied value if the planet being invaded grants its own bonus for that objective). The percentage is calculated based upon the “completion” of each of your personal Strongholds. Each Stronghold contributes up to 25% towards your total Conquest bonus, thus requiring all four Strongholds to be completed to get to 100%.

The completion percentage for a given Stronghold determines how much of that 25% is added to the Conquest bonus. For example, if I have Tatooine completed to 40%, that contributes 10% (40% of 25%) towards my Conquest bonus.

The completion percentage for a Stronghold is based upon how many hooks have been filled out of the total possible hooks. You get a certain number of hooks with the purchase of a Stronghold, then additional hooks are added each time you unlock an expansion for that Stronghold. To get to 100%, you must (a) have unlocked all the expansions and (b) filled all the available hooks with decorations.

The table below is sortable: click on the top row (with the column titles) to sort based upon the value of that column. Below the table is an explanation of what each column contains.

HooksUnlock (Credits)Unlock (CC)Credits/CCCredits/hookCC/hookBonus %Credits/bonus %CC/bonus %
Kaas City/CoruscantPurchase1005000501005017.17007
Kaas City/CoruscantGarage502500007503335000153.670000210
Kaas City/CoruscantWest Staircase201000010010050051.4700070
Kaas City/CoruscantEast Staircase201000010010050051.4700070
Kaas City/CoruscantMain Room502500020012550043.6700056
Kaas City/CoruscantLiving Quarters2525000200125100081.814000112
Kaas City/CoruscantEast room20400003001332000151.428000210
Kaas City/CoruscantSouth room20400003001332000151.428000210
Kaas City/CoruscantWest room20400003001332000151.428000210
Kaas City/CoruscantBalcony251000000125080040000501.8560000700
TatooineCliffside room north5080000090088916000182.5320000360
TatooineCliffside room south5080000090088916000182.5320000360
TatooineRoom 12590000095094736000381.3720000760
TatooineRoom 22590000095094736000381.3720000760
TatooineRoom 32590000095094736000381.3720000760
TatooineRoom 42590000095094736000381.3720000760
TatooineDocking Bay1001800000200090018000205360000400
Nar ShaddaaPurchase125250000500500200046.63800076
Nar ShaddaaNorthwest Room2545000065069218000261.3342000494
Nar ShaddaaNortheast Room2545000065069218000261.3342000494
Nar ShaddaaVestibule2535000050070014000201.3266000380
Nar ShaddaaWest Stairway2525000042558810000171.3190000323
Nar ShaddaaEast Stairway2525000042558810000171.3190000323
Nar ShaddaaBalcony2522500002200102390000881.317100001672
Nar ShaddaaMain Room7522500002200102330000293.9570000557
Nar ShaddaaAntechamber501750000200087535000402.6665000760
Nar ShaddaaSolarium7522500002200102330000293.9570000557


  • Hooks – the total number of hooks available (in the purchase or unlocked expansion)
  • Unlock (Credits), Unlock (CC) – how much it costs in Credits and Cartel Coins respectively
  • Credits/CC – how many credits each Cartel Coin is worth, given the purchase prices; you can interpret this as the higher the better, with your Cartel Coins being worth more credits relative to the lower values
  • Credits/hook, CC/hook – how much you are paying for each hook in credits and Cartel Coins respectively
  • Bonus % – what this unlock (purchase or expansion) adds to your personal Conquest bonus percentage
  • Credits/bonus %, CC/bonus % – what you are paying for each percentage of Conquest bonus in credits and Cartel Coins respectively


GSH unlock comparison for building your Conquest bonus — 1 Comment

  1. I highly recommend, if short on creds, at least purchase and fully unlock Coruscant and Dromund Kaas. Place the free decorations (achievement frames) and any you can acquire easily (the decoration vendor with ones you can buy for creds cheaply as an example). Easy way to get 50% stronghold bonus with the least amount of effort and credits.

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