OotiniCast Episode 152

This week we’re once again talking about Galactic Strongholds as more details emerge. Just over four weeks until it’s live on 19 August!

1. Introduction

Chill will be at BioWare Austin this Friday 18 July. You may even see his interior design skills on show during the livestream on SWTOR’s Twitch channel on Friday afternoon!

Here’s the droid repairing the broken slot machine in the casino:

Chill - broken droid in the casino

In his neverending hunt for a Rancor, Chill is utilising the casino with the game in a long, thin window, giving a fisheye lens effect.

Chill - casino panarama

Teo is most thankful that his time in the casino is done! Unless he wants another Rancor for an alt, of course…

Teo - Rancor

2. Tip of the week

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Mark M! Thanks to Mariachi, Morriah and Greg Carter for entering.

Please send your tips to ootinicast@gmail.com by next Wednesday for a chance to win an M8-R3 code, courtesy of BioWare, and an OotiniCast-provided Cartel Market pack from the latest shipment.

3. Holofeed

  • Eric Musco (Community Manager) and Jack Woods (Producer) demonstrated more features of Galactic Strongholds while running around and decorating the Coruscant Apartments during Thursday’s Twitch livestream.
  • It seems that the reason that you would deactivate one of your Galactic Strongholds is that you can only have four active! That won’t be a problem at launch (since only four are available), but more Strongholds will be added later.
  • While you can travel to your Galactic Stronghold from anywhere, the options for exiting your Stronghold are:
    • Exit onto the planet on which the Galactic Stronghold is located (e.g., Coruscant from the Coruscant Apartments)
    • Return to the location from which you travelled to your Galactic Stronghold in the first place (in the same way you’re returned to your previous location using the Group Finder)
    • Exit onto the Fleet (subscribers only, based on gn_cool‘s reasoning in this Reddit post)
    • Travel to your personal starship (subscriber only)
  • Some details have been revealed (and subsequently added to) about how Legacy Storage will work: you will get an initial bay of Legacy Storage with 80 slots by completing the mission to unlock your first Galactic Stronghold; this will also provide a single Legacy Storage access point decoration. Additional access point decorations will be craftable and may appear on the Cartel Market. Additional bays will be purchasable with credits or Cartel Coins. BoP items cannot be placed into Legacy Storage. When crafting, materials are obtained in the following order: inventory, cargo bay, legacy storage.
  • While having a hood toggle is something that is clearly recognised as being desired by players, it has yet to make it onto the development schedule.
  • Hillary Nicole (Community Coordinator) is asking all guilds to provide her with their contact information; see this forum post for details.
  • The next Community Cantina is happening next Friday (25 July) in San Diego. Please send us your questions (via ootinicast@gmail.com) so we can forward them onto our official OotiniCast representative, Marshall Carr (or tweet him directly via @DarthPops.
  • The team that creates things to sell on the Cartel Market is after ideas from players for what they’d like to see as decorations for Galactic Strongholds. Contribute your ideas in this thread on the official forums.

4. Community

5. Force Feedback

We discuss tweets, emails and comments from @swtor_miner, @darklighter159, Chaz Lobo (@Strongshocker), @vayne_verso, Justin L, Jason Wright (@colour_light), @Caligari_MMO, Road (@ThatRoadGuy), Pallais (@wowPiper), David (@Ri_kiri), @HamSammich509, @JeggerTAP, @JayConnell, (@idesofawesome), Mariarchi and Morriah (@RosieBear77).

Mariarchi has started this thread on our forums discussing playing SWTOR with a console controller. He found this article to be a great resource for anyone interested in doing the same.

Where is Darklighter this week?

Darklighter - where is he

Jason Wright provides a visual guide to how probability works with respect to reverse engineering:

Jason W - RE chance

Our old friend Ham Sammich uncovered an interesting theory for the origin of Ewoks:

HamSammich - Ewok

Matt may have found visual evidence that may reveal the mysterious race that Yoda belongs to:

Matt - Yoda1
Matt - Yoda2

It seems that SWTOR’s customer service has a sense of humour!

Cool SWTOR customer service

6. Outro

Thanks to Redna (@R3DN4, twitch.tv/r3dn4) for joining us this week.

Information about our guilds on The Harbinger, Ootini Knights (Republic) and Ootini Rage (Empire), can be found here.

You can email questions and comments about the show to ootinicast@gmail.com. Follow us on Twitter via @OotiniCast. Check out our website, ootinicast.com, which has links to our presence on Google+ and Facebook. You can subscribe to us on iTunes, and listen to us on Stitcher and Spreaker. We record the show live every Wednesday at 4:30pm Pacific, goto ootinicast.com/live to find out how to join in!


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