Rare dyes being sold direct over Thanksgiving!

Five different rare dyes will be available for direct purchase in the Cartel Market over the double XP long weekend that coincides with the Thanksgiving holiday. Each dye will be there for a limited time, with a new dye appearing at 11am CST on the next switchover day [source].

  • Black/Dark Purple: Tue 11am CST (5pm GMT, Wed 4am AEST) for 24 hours
  • Black/White: Wed 11am CST (5pm GMT, Thurs 4am AEST) for 24 hours
  • White/White: Thurs 11am CST (5pm GMT, Fri 4am AEST) for 24 hours
  • Black/Black: Fri 11am CST (5pm GMT, Sat 4am AEST) for 48 hours
  • White/Black: Sun 11am CST (5pm GMT, Mon 4am AEST) until maintenance

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