Dye Modules in Game Update 2.1: Customization

A key feature of the upcoming Game Update 2.1: Customization are Dye Modules, which provide a mechanism for changing the color of our character’s armor. Cory Butler (Producer) was kind enough to answer some of our questions, which are included below along with the information that Cory and Nathan Emmott (Systems Designer) had already provided to the fan sites.

Dye Modules can be inserted into items with a Dye Module slot using the item’s modification window, the same way as mods and augments are added now.

The vast majority of items have been updated to include a Dye Module slot. You can tell whether a given item has a Dye Module slot by its tooltip. Certain categories of items do not have a Dye Module slot: items with a level requirement of less than 15, lore outfits (e.g., Jolee Bindo’s outfit), items of premium (green) quality and items which simply didn’t look good when dyed. However, all craftable items (from Synthweaving and Armormech) will have Dye Module slots.

Will all adaptive armor, wearable from level 1, have Dye Module slots?

Cory: All Cartel Market outfits (with the exception of Lore gear) will be dyeable, regardless of item level.

Dye Modules are consumable, in that they can be used once. Removing a Dye Module from an item, or replacing it, will destroy the original Module.

Some Dye Modules will be sold on the Cartel Market, both directly and in future packs.

Others will be craftable, with some Reputation Vendors selling Dye Module schematics. Yet more Dye Modules will be available on the CE (Collector’s Edition) vendor and the security key vendor.

Which crew skill(s) can make the Modules?

Cory: Artifice is the only skill that will produce Dye Modules.

While it was initially indicated that Dye Modules could be reverse engineered, Cory confirmed that this will not be the case.

How much overlap will there be in colors between the different sources?

Cory: There is no overlap between the sources. Each source (Cartel Market, Crafting, and Vendors) has its own selection of color schemes available.

Items that have a Dye Module slot have a primary color and a secondary color. The example given was the Havoc Squad armor, such as that worn by Aric Jorgan:

Aric Jorgan

The default primary color is white, and the secondary color is orange. These can be changed using the Dye Modules, which come in three categories:

  • primary color only
  • secondary color only
  • primary and secondary colors

Continuing the Havoc Squad armor example, a Dye Module for primary black would leave the orange markings, whereas a Dye Module for secondary red would leave the armor as white, but change its markings to red. But a Dye Module that defines green as primary and black as secondary would completely change its appearance to green with black markings.

Will it be possible to combine a primary Dye Module and a secondary Dye Module into a single primary/secondary Dye Module?

Cory: You cannot combine a primary and a secondary Dye Module to create a Primary/Secondary Dye Module.

Thus the only primary/secondary color combinations available will be those provided.

You can preview how a given Dye Module will look, presumably on the items you are wearing. This is especially important as how the Dye Module affects an item may vary (e.g., different shades of blue). The preview feature allows you to check that it will look the way you want before applying it (or even purchasing it).

You can use the existing unify color to chest system to make all your gear share a single Dye Module’s effect, by adding a Dye Module to your chestpiece, and then unifying the rest of your gear. You can then add Dye Modules to the rest of your items as you desire, if you want a different color for them on an item-by-item basis.

While there will be a large number of Dye Modules available in Game Update 2.1, BioWare encourages the community to suggest new colors so that they can added in the future.

UPDATE: In a Q&A between Dulfy and BioWare, it was clarified that the undyeable lore outfits include Bastila Shan, The Last Handmaiden, Carth Onasi, Darth Malak, Jolee Bindo, Triumvirate Armor, the Revan armor set and the Mask of Nihilus. The initial number of dye modules and their sources was also revealed:

There will be 48 different Dye Modules at release. 25 will be available through the Cartel Market, 3 will be available from the Security Key and Collector’s Edition vendors, and 20 more will be available through the crafting system (schematics for some of which will be found on Reputation vendors).



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  2. Clever bastards 🙂 I suppose the only cool looking schemes, which contain both primary and secondary, will be available via packs.

    Maybe they’ll change it in the future based on players response, which i guess will be “millions of voices cried out in terror…”. Isnt it a bit frustrating to not have the option to combine primary and secondary into one module?

    Nevertheless, those are my guesses, but i’m excited as hell to see that things in action 🙂 This + rumor about character transfers, which hopefully will come in next update after 2.1 (rumor based on german site: http://swtor.gamona.de/2013/04/29/patch-2-1-individualisierung-eures-charakters/ )

    Gonna be gooood spring B-)

    • Yeah because Guild Wars was the first to come up with this idea. SOE had armor dye kits in SWG for a year or 2 before it closed, and craftable armor was always able to be crafted with custom color schemes.

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  5. It s another thing to the game that simply keeps the lower players wanting and the rich ones rich. Is the anyway to still get the white black or the black white dye without paying a stupid price for it?

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