OotiniCast Episode 41

Chill, Teo and Hyp discuss our impressions of the now-concluded Grand Acquisitions Race. Also included is our third hard mode guide for the level 50 in a hurry, covering Directive 7.

1. Introduction
2. Question to the panel
3. Trivia question

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Hru!

The following picture shows why the artist in question was suing George Lucas. Given this apparently pre-dates Star Wars: A New Hope, it would seem he may have had some justification!

4. The Holofeed
  • Patch 1.3.6 was deployed during the regular scheduled maintenance on Tuesday.
  • BioWare are considering adding rewards for those with a legacy level above 25.
  • In the future, the schematics for high-end items will only be obtainable via reverse engineering, rather than as schematic drops in operations.
  • It seems that an update to the Group Finder that returns players to the starting point upon completion of a Flashpoint is coming in the “near future”. Better than saying it’ll be in some future update!
5. Force Feedback

We discuss tweets from @ForceChuckle, @bytorsnowdog (Snowy) and @thehatfield (Hatfield), and an email from Jason Incles.

6. Sarlacc Digest

We continue our series that provides hints and tips for the player who wants to get their daily Group Finder hard mode done in a hurry. This week we discuss Directive 7, a hard mode Flashpoint available to both factions.

Next week, another shared Flashpoint: The Battle of Ilum.

7. Outro

Thanks to Hyp (@Hypknotoad) for joining us this week.

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OotiniCast Episode 41 — 3 Comments

  1. A hint about the BH comms 🙂

    Well.. You do know that You can pull out mods and enchancements as well as purchase implants and earpieces and reverse-engineer them for schematics, depending on Your crew skill.

    as stated in http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=509742

    “Level 26 Modifications/ Enhancements/Barrels/Hilts pulled from BH/CP shells CAN be reverse engineered for a schematic”

    Armorings from BH/CP shells cannot.

    Enjoy and make a profit B-)

  2. Love your podcast guys. Yours and Torwars are the only SWTOR podcasts I listen to because they’re the only ones that give out relevant info and insightful opinions. Plus, as a regular ol’ American dude, I find your accents AWESOME!! Just a comment on this episode, Hyp you’re right; the end boss of Directive 7 does really remind me of the climax in Superman III. I actually love that movie and I’m surprised at how many people haven’t seen nor heard of it. It is the one with Richard Pryor and it is also the one where Supes turns evil for a bit. My favorite part is where he straightens out the Eiffel Tower just to piss the sculpture off! Anyway, great work and I look forward to next week’s episode. Peace!

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