OotiniCast Episode 34

In this week’s show, Chill and Teo are joined by Oni and Hyp to talk about our adventures with the Group Finder, speculate about the next world event, and chew over the two latest Q&As.

1. Introduction
2. Question to the panel
3. Trivia question

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Voyak!

4. The Holofeed
  • Following Game Update 1.3’s deployment last week, there were two unscheduled maintenances required to fix some initial issues, patches 1.3.0a on Thursday morning and 1.3.0b on Friday. During Tuesday’s regular maintenance, patch 1.3.1 was deployed.
  • BioWare clarified that the “Legacy of Crafting” character perk, each tier of which indicates that it “Increases the chance of an augmented result while crafting by 1%”, also applies to the chance to crit when crafting non-wearable items (e.g., stims made by BioChem).
  • On Tuesday morning, the following teaser image was posted on SWTOR’s Facebook page:

    A couple of days after we recorded, the full picture was shown:

    This is apparently a Kurtob Alliance Speeder, which will be available sometime soon.
  • Thanks to some data-mining of Game Update 1.3 done while it was on the PTS, we have a suggestion that the next world event will be the “Grand Acquisitions Race”.
  • Additional character transfer options were made available to players on the European RP-PvP servers; in addition to the original same-language PvP server, they can now transfer to the same-language RP-PvE server instead. For those on the sole US west coast RP-PvP server Ajunta Pall, whose initial option was the east coast RP-PvP server, they now have the option of transferring to the west coast PvP or RP-PvE servers.
  • We catch up on the last couple of community Q&As, from 22 June and 29 June.
5. Force Feedback
  • We discuss tweets from @ForceChuckle and @TShapedVisor.
  • Griseus of the Tempest guild on The Bastion emailed in to ask whether you could double up on set bonuses by putting Armoring mods from the Campaign gear (which includes the set bonus) into Tionese/Columni/Rakata shells (which also have the set bonus). He also asked about whether we’d been experiencing any lag spikes in operations; his own raid team had been having problems with this in Explosive Conflict.
  • The mighty Chong emailed in to ask whether it would be possible for one member of the guild to purchase Legacy Repair Astromech Unit for their ship, and then to let others onto their ship to purchase the sensor units that provide efficiency/critical bonuses for one’s ship droid when crafting. The Legacy Repair Astromech Unit costs 1,000,000 credits to unlock; each sensor units costs 100,000 credits, and is bind-to-legacy. The following are available:
    Engineering Droid Sensor +5 Scavenging Efficiency +5 Cybertech Critical
    Exploration Droid Sensor +5 Archaeology Efficiency +5 Synthweaving Critical
    Hunter Droid Sensor +10 Investigation Efficiency + 2 Armstech Critical
    Scout Droid Sensor +10 Artificing Efficiency +2 Treasure Hunting Critical
    Medical Droid Sensor +10 Biochem Efficiency +2 Diplomacy Critical
    Security Droid Sensor +10 Armormech Efficiency +2 Underworld Trading Critical

    It is also worth noting that you can now increase affection with your ship droid, to make them more useful when crafting for you, by giving them gifts:

    • Loves: Cultural Artifacts
    • Favourite: Technology
    • Likes: Republic Memorabilia (C2-N2) or Imperial Memorabilia (2V-R8)
  • Ape2man left a comment for episode 33, where he asked whether we thought that further transfers would be needed given the current occasional queues, especially when new subscribers are taken into consideration.
6. Outro

Thanks to Hyp (@Hypknotoad) and Oni (@Freakin_Ninja) for joining us this week.

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OotiniCast Episode 34 — 3 Comments

  1. Disagree 100% on need of a agro meter. Adding things like an agro mod take away the skill needed. Now they did say they want to make the bosses have more visual cues to big attacks and things like that to keep the fights more dynamic. I have to agree that is a much better way to do otherwise you have what WoW is where you need 20 mods to do a boss fight and even then it plays out more like dance dance revolution as the mods tell you everything you need to do.

  2. In regards to your problem with people being placed in the wrong roles in groups/ops. When you queue as a group, you need to have all members unclick their non-desired roles and then click ‘Update roles’ otherwise it will queue everyone as the default which is the combo dps/healer or dps/tank.

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