OotiniCast Episode 29

This week your hosts Chill and Teo are joined once again by Hyp to go further into Game Update 1.3, discussing the information coming out of the SWTOR panel at MCM Expo in London.

1. Introduction
2. Question to the panel
3. Trivia question

This week’s challenge: Palpatine. Mon Mothma. AT-AT Walkers. Sandcrawlers. Slave One. Ewoks. What do all these Star Wars terms have in common?

If you are interested in being entered in the random drawing for a Tauntaun Fawn code, please send your answer to ootinicast@gmail.com.

4. The Holofeed
  • Patch 1.2.5 was deployed during maintenance on Wednesday, which was delayed from Tuesday due to the Memorial Day holiday in the US. Things didn’t quite go as smoothly as usual, with the downtime extended from the expected 4 hours to 8.
  • A lot of extra detail about Game Update 1.3 was revealed by Emmanuel Lusinchi (Technical Design Director) during the SWTOR panel held at the London MCM (Movie Comic Media) Expo, which is also known as London’s Comic Con. You can watch the panel via the coverage provided by Gamespot on TwitchTV, or browse Dulfy’s most excellent summary and transcript of the panel and the subsequent Q&A.
  • We also go over a few answers from the latest Community Q&A (25 May) and DarthHater’s interview (Game Update 1.3 With SWTOR Development Team).
5. Force Feedback
  • We discuss tweets from @sterlinglee38 (Sterling), @MuskokaJ and @IRBountyHunter (Arron Thornton). We leave @ForceChuckle’s question for Oni until next week.
  • Our guildmate Visaan provides an audio contribution, summarising the game Star Wars: Battlefront II that was mentioned in Episode 22. Sounds like it has a lot of elements which would make fantastic additions to SWTOR’s space game!
  • Eric Zeigler emailed us to confirm that the issue with companions being in combat stance appears to be a bug that appeared in Game Update 1.2. He also indicates that alacrity is fine as it is: players just need to learn to manage their resources. Similarly, generalising companions isn’t needed; keeping their fixed roles associated with their character is a good thing.
  • We also apologise for any misunderstanding associated with Hyp’s attempt at humour relating to “dirty RPers”.
6. Outro

Thanks to Hyp (@Hypknotoad) for joining us this week.

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