OotiniCast Episode 25

Your hosts Chill and Teo are joined by Agi and Hyp to talk about this week’s news, and to discuss whether having fully-voiced cut scenes for almost every mission may have gone too far.

1. Introduction
2. Question to the panel
3. The Holofeed
  • During unscheduled downtime on Sunday morning, patch 1.2.1a was deployed to fix an economic exploit.
  • Patch 1.2.2 was deployed during Tuesday’s maintenance. Downtime was a couple of hours earlier than usual, to accommodate a holiday in Europe. Servers came up after two hours, about when they’d usually go down!
  • While the search feature with the GTN was meant to be fixed in the latest patch, it was broken in a different way for specific searches: you must now specify a Rarity to get any results. BioWare says this will be fixed.
  • We discuss the community Q&A published on 27 April.
  • BioWare confirms that you will not be banned from using a combat log parser (if you had any doubts on that matter).
4. Force Feedback
  • We discuss tweets from @toliman (Joli), @OriginalBioZed and @shotgun_burger (of the Oz Gamers League and OGLCast), @nethwench (Neth), @bytorsnowdog (Snowy), @IzaakTheMad (Izzy), @wrxlvr (Arron Thornton), @MuskokaJ (Jason) and Ryeesa.
  • Many thanks to @ChewUI_SWTOR for the #FF. Check out the many fine UIs on display at ChewUI.com!
  • Joli refers us to the most excellent Crafted Gear & Mods infographic provided by Ask Mr. Robot.
  • Arron Thornton emails in to ask what to do with Warzone Commendations accumulated while one is levelling, as it’s only too easy to reach the current 2000 cap.
5. The Sarlacc Digest

Fully-voiced cut scenes in SWTOR are a key part of the SWTOR experience. But can you have too much of a good thing? We discuss whether BioWare went too far in making the vast majority of missions require an interactive cut scene.

6. Outro

Thanks to Agi (@Agitarsi) and Hyp (@Hypknotoad) for joining us this week.

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OotiniCast Episode 25 — 2 Comments

  1. Great podcast guys, very much enjoyed it!!

    Thanks for the advice on the warzone commendations. I probably will stock pile medpacs and adrenals like you guys said. Until valor 40 at learst for the ranked commendations.

    Keep up the great podcast. Looking forward to next week as usual!

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