OotiniCast Episode 24

This week, Agi and Oni join your hosts Chill and Teo to go over the latest news, including our own experience with the Rakghoul Outbreak. We also discuss the new gear added in Game Update 1.2 and how to get it.

1. Introduction
2. Question to the panel
3. Trivia question

This week’s challenge: The following real things had real implications for Star Wars design. What Star Wars people, places, or things were based at least in part on these items? 5 of 6 correct will be enough for an entry.

  • An outboard motor
  • Einstein’s face
  • A radar dish
  • A spray bottle
  • A hamburger with an olive next to it
  • NASA’s crawler-transporters which were used to bring the space shuttle to its launch pad

If you are interested in being entered in the random drawing for an in-game prize (this week not limited to characters on the Space Slug server), please send your answer to ootinicast@gmail.com.

4. The Holofeed
  • On Thursday night, we had unexpected downtime to deploy patch 1.2.0c. Patch 1.2.1 was deployed during Tuesday’s regular maintenance.
  • The free transfers to the Oceanic servers have begun! Teo’s had already been processed by the Wednesday morning (Australian time) following maintenance. All went perfectly, with his legacy level and unlocks from Space Slug being successfully transferred to Dalborra.
  • Daniel Erickson has been busy: in another interview published by NowGamer, he mentioned how awesome the next iteration of the space game would be, without giving any details. He was extremely forthcoming on all kinds of subjects in an interview with Zach on Mos Eisley Radio.
  • We discuss the community Q&A published on 20 April.
  • As of patch 1.2.1, there remains a bug with slicing missions, where the lock boxes returned have less credits than they should. Best stick to the Sliced Tech Parts missions until it’s fixed!
  • Some melee classes (particularly Sith Marauders and Jedi Sentinels) may be doing too much damage to the training dummies, due to them currently being unable to “dodge or deflect attacks”; a fix is in the works to make them a little less dumb!
  • Georg Zoeller explains why the TTK (time to kill) in PvP as of Game Update 1.2 appears to be significantly lower that it was previously. It boils down to the Expertise stat mattering a lot more than it did, some buffs from Legacy unlocks adding more than BioWare expected, and stacking debuffs from multiple players on a single target being a little too effective.
5. Force Feedback
  • We discuss tweets from @thehatfield, @shotgun_burger, @MuskokaJ, @wrxlvr, @D_Willoughby, @killacayne and @PaulDemars.
6. The Sarlacc Digest

We discuss itemisation in Game Update 1.2, based on a post by Georg Zoeller. Some of the key points:

  • The stats on the original tier of gear—Tionese (126), Columni (136) and Rakata (140)—remain unchanged. While the armoring mod on these items can now be removed, the set bonus (if present) is associated with the item shell, not the armoring mod.
  • You can now get Columni from all bosses (except the last) in the new Lost Island Flashpoint; its last boss drops Rakata.
  • Rakata items can also be obtained from bosses in the new operation, Explosive Conflict in story mode.
  • There are two new sets of PvE gear in the next tier: Campaign and Black Hole.
  • Campaign items share the same set bonus as the original tier, but this bonus is carried on the armoring mod, and thus may be transferred to any orange item. Note that these armoring modes are “bind-to-slot”, and so can only be inserted into a like item (e.g., an armoring mode from Campaign gloves can only be placed in an orange gloves).
  • Campaign items are obtained (via tokens) from the operation Explosive Conflict in hard mode and the new world boss on Belsavis.
  • Black Hole items have a different stat distribution to Campaign gear, and no set bonus. They items can be purchased via Black Hole Commendations. They also drop from bosses in Explosive Conflict on all modes.
  • For PvP, a new entry-level set of blue items, purchasable with credits, has been added for level 50s wanting to get into PvP. Due to the increased value of Expertise in PvP, this set may be more effective than Columni in warzones.
  • The existing Battlemaster gear no longer has a valor rating requirement, and may be purchased via Warzone Commendations.
  • War Hero is the new tier of PvP gear. It has no valor rating requirement, and is purchased via Ranked Warzone Commendations, which may only be obtained at the moment by exchanging Warzone Commendations (at a 3:1 ratio).
  • In Game Update 1.3, a crafter-friendly way will be providedto allow an augment slot to be added to an orange item that doesn’t already have one. Currently, an augment slot is only present if the orange item was crit-crafted.
  • No higher level augments will be added in Game Update 1.2 (and probably 1.3) beyond the current highest, which have an effective level of 49.
  • There is a known bug that prevents crafted orange items from being reverse engineered.
  • Hopefully Game Update 1.3 will bring social gear that will adapt its armour type to that of the character’s Advanced Class, rather than being only light armour as it is now.
7. Outro

Thanks to Agi (@Agitarsi) and Oni (@Freakin_Ninja) for joining us this week.

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