Galactic Starfighter Crew Calculator

This tool is intended to allow you to choose your crew for Galactic Starfighter based upon the passive buffs and abilities directly, deriving the companions needed from your choices. It was conceived of by OotiniCast host Redna (R3dn4) and his friend Jubbs (OrdooSkirata). They compiled the data, working out the overlap between companions and abilities. Teo then worked some Javascript magic to hook it all together into what you see below.

Some hints on how to use it:

  • Hover over an ability to see the companions that offer it
  • Click on the ability to lock it (click again to unlock it)
  • Hover over a companion to see the active ability and two passive buffs that companion offers
  • For the non-active crew slots, you can select up to two passive buffs, as each companion will offer two; choosing two will narrow the highlighted companions to the subset that offer both
  • The names of companions for the active abilities will show as red unless that companion has been selected in one of the four crew slots below, indicating their available to be your co-pilot

Note that the default cooldown on all Active abilities is 1 minute.

This link can be copied at any time to return to what's currently selected. A good way to share your crew selection with fellow pilots!

We hope you get some use out of this! Please comment on this page if you encounter any problems, or would like to suggest any enhancements.

  • Republic
  • Empire

Bypass Shield Piercing increased by 35% for 15s
Concentrated Fire Increases Crit chance by 36% for 6s
Hydro Spanner Repairs hull for 245 over 6s
In Your Sights Reduces targets evasion by 20% for 20s (5000m)
Lingering Effect Places a dot for 115 over 6s on next hit (5000m)
Lockdown Target's engine power reduced by 40% (5000m)
Nullify Reduces damage done to your hull by 30% for 6s
Running Interference Evasion increased by 15% over 20s for you and 2 allies within 1000m (1000m)
Servo Jammer Targets maneuvering decreased by 20% for 20s (5000m)
Slicer's Loop Target can not regen energy for 6s (5000m)
Suppression Target's accuracy reduced by 25% for 20s (5000m)
Wingman Accuracy increase by 20% for 20s for you and 2 nearby allies within 1000m of your ship
Improved Kill Zone Firing arc increased by 2 degrees
Spare Ammo Ammo capacity increased by 25%
Rapid Reload Secondary weapon reload and cooldown times reduced by 8%
Pinpointing Weapon Accuracy increased by 6%
Power to Shields Shield power pool increased by 10%
Quick Recharge Shield power regeneration increased by 15%
Response Tuning Evasion increased by 6%
Structural Support Damage reduction increased by 9%
Comm Boost Communication range increased by 5000m
Depth of Field Sensor focus range increased by 2500m
Peripheral Vision Sensor radius increased by 2500m
Silent Running Sensor dampening increased by 4000m
Efficient Fire The cost of using blasters is reduced by 13%
Efficient Maneuvers The cost of using engine component abilities and maneuvers is reduced by 13%
Power to Blasters Blaster power pool increased by 10%
Power to Engines Engine power pool increased by 10%


Galactic Starfighter Crew Calculator — 8 Comments

  1. Does not appear to work for me (using firefox 26.0). No amount of hovering, clicking, or various other attempts make anything do anything.

    • Definitely possible! You can pick Khem for the Offensive role, and given any of the four slots can fill the co-pilot role, he can be your co-pilot. Is the tool telling you that this can’t be done?

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