OotiniCast Episode 288

Welcome to our five year anniversary show! We were truly honoured to be joined by Charles Boyd (Lead Designer – Creative), Ben Irving (Producer) and Eric Musco (Community Manager) to talk about five years of OotiniCast and SWTOR, and a little of what’s to come in the future.

The Hot Prospect, Eric's favorite server name that was never used

The Hot Prospect, Eric’s favorite server name that was never used

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  1. I am sadden that the 30 sub coin is not a thing yet , for my guild is made out of Latinos and alot of them dont have credit card’s do to countrys laws or others so many in the comunity sell the sub’s to them for in game credits , the coin sub would be a great way tonget more pep’s from south america and other places but they said not yet ???? will wait then , ps i will go to sdcc and bug them on this again yes again i said, ty

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