Commendation conversion calculator for Game Update 5.0

The existing warzone commendations and the various crystal currencies for a given character will be converted into credits during the deployment of Game Update 5.0, using the following ratios:

  • 1 Common Crystal = 500 credits
  • 1 Glowing Crystal = 1000 credits
  • 1 Radiant Crystal = 1500 credits
  • 1 Warzone Commendation = 50 credits

A hard cap of 2 million credits per character will be used for the one-time conversion. Regardless of how many commendations and crystals you have, you will not receive more than 2 million credits.

The following calculator allows you to enter your current number of warzone commendations and crystals; the order in which they’re listed should match what you see in the Currency tab of your inventory.

Common Crystals:
Radiant Crystals:
Warzone Commendations:


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