OotiniCast Episode 191

In the news this week, we cover the Choose Your Path trailer, Courtney Woods’ new role as a writer at BioWare, and more. We then discuss whether Hard Mode Flashpoints and Story Mode Operations are too hard.

1. Introduction

Chill is listening to the Star Wars radio adaptation. He will say more about it next week!

2. Tip of the week

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Scott Thomas!

Please send your tips to ootinicast@gmail.com by next Wednesday for a chance to win a Taunfawn or M8-R3 droid code, courtesy of BioWare, and an OotiniCast-provided Cartel Market pack from the latest shipment.

3. Holofeed

  • The Relics of the Gree event returns next Tuesday 24 February (6am CST, noon GMT/11pm AEDT), finishing a week later on Tuesday 3 March.
  • Courtney Woods is now a writer at BioWare, and has thus left the Community Team. The latest example of her work is the story One Night in the Dealer’s Den. Eric Musco (Community Manager) assures us that they will be advertising to fill her position soon.
  • Apparently the bottom tier (Tier 3) for Ranked PvP Season 4 will have a floor rating after all.
  • The PTS will Game Update 3.1.1 has been closed. The last build included the new “Mount Flourish” keybind.
  • The new Choose Your Path gameplay trailer has been released. It shows mostly footage from the Sith Warrior class story, though does include what appears to be a new scene featuring a player character rescuing Theron Shan.

Choose your path 2

Choose your path 1

Choose your path 3

4. Community

Congratulations to the Bad Feeling Podcast on achieving their one year anniversary show!

Also congratulations to Madmar (@Swtorfamily) for two years of his #swtorfamily. You can listen to Chill’s interview with Madmar in episode 132.

5. Force Feedback

Chong is really enjoying the new Toilet decoration. In his words, “Boss’Chong vs The Number Two”.

Chong - Throne

When Chong is not coming up with tawdry bathroom humour, he is doing Science! He has performed two experiments comparing the returns from gathering from the Slicing nodes on Yavin 4 without and with a companion, to determine if their mission crit chance affects Slicing node returns.

Chong - slicing + no companion

Chong - slicing + companion at max affection

6. Sarlacc Digest

Inspired by a SWTOR sub-Reddit thread asking why players were unhappy with the difficulty of Hard Mode Flashpoints, we discuss their relative difficulty, along with that of Story and Hard Mode Operations.

7. Outro

On the show this week were Chill (@BrandonLStarr, twitch.tv/chillswtor), Teo (@jasonetheridge) and Redna (@R3DN4, twitch.tv/r3dn4).

Information about our guilds on The Harbinger, Ootini Knights (Republic) and Ootini Rage (Empire), can be found here.

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  1. I hope you guys will try the new hard modes and let us know what you think. Personally I’m okay with hard Bonus Bosses, they are optional after all, but Rishi and Blood Hunt do feel trickier than the other 60 HMs. The first boss in BH in particular must be the toughest non-skippable level 60 flashpoint boss. The fight is easy to explain, but tough to execute if your gear comes from questing and the comms vendor.

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