Kuze’s Korner Datacron Guide: Makeb

Makeb’s +10 to Endurance datacron

The starting location (marker is orange) is on Frinn Mesa. The datacron itself takes you to the Cartel Mining Mesa (marker is green). Both locations can be seen on the Makeb world map.

Makeb’s +10 to Presence Datacron

Both the starting location (marker is orange) and the datacron (marker is green) are on Perekta Mesa, in the south-west part of Makeb.



Kuze’s Korner Datacron Guide: Makeb — 11 Comments

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      • I Have a suggestion for a future kuzekorner. I wanted to do this myself but i am far to busy. I wanted to make a data cron guide that didn’t target planets but targeted your characters stats you are trying to get. So For example an Imp Cunning data cron guide where to go what planets to do. then an endurance data cron guide for all characters etc etc. what do you think?

  3. Brilliant help, thanks! Two comments for the Endurance datacron:

    1) For Imperial toons who don’t want to go quite so near the Republic flightpoint and base camp, you can also climb up the rocks a little way north (and slightly west) of the video starting point. The first rock to climb on is at X:,Y: 907, 2343; and from there you can jump up on to a grass-topped ‘mini-mesa’ and then up on to the main grassy level above.

    2) If like me you fail to jump the first gap (shown at 00:28 in the video), it’s no problem … once you’ve landed on the grass down below, you can just turn left and head west and north around the outer cliff edge. It’s a pretty straightforward rocky path (no scary jumps) and then a wider green ledge, which will bring you to the place where you make the first ‘critical’ jump down to the elevator (shown at 00:45 in the video … that green ledge that’s above your head when you make the jump down between the two rocks is where you’ll have come from if you’ve had to use the alternative route).

  4. Thank you everyone for the comments and keep them coming. The more options of different routes, and ways to handle jumps are a real help to future viewers. What works for me might not work so well for someone else and vice versa. The community is what makes the video better!

    Thanks again!

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