OotiniCast Episode 54

Chill, Teo and Hyp discuss the release of Game Update 1.5 “HK-51 Activated” and free-to-play!

1. Introduction

2. Trivia question

Detractors of the prequels sometimes argue that George Lucas almost killed the Star Wars franchise. But what other well-known director/writer/producer, who has similarly made at least one sci-fi movie, also came close to killing the Star Wars franchise during the making of the original series, by delaying one of the three original movies for weeks upon weeks and adding 20% to its cost? (Hint: it is not Lucas, nor is it either of the directors of Empire or Jedi.)

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3. The Holofeed

  • On Thursday 15 November, Game Update 1.5 “HK-51 Activated” was released, which included making SWTOR free-to-play! The projected 12 hour downtime was extended to around 15 hours, but once it came up things seemed stable. A short downtime was needed the following morning to deploy a small patch (1.5.0a).
  • Jeff Hickman (Executive Producer) and Blaine Christine (Senior Producer) posted a welcome for the update, summarising its features and emphasising the awesomeness of those Cartel Packs.
  • Included with the release was the rest of the pricing information for Cartel Coins (via buy.swtor.com):
    • $US4.99 buys 450 CC ($1 = 90 CC)
    • $US9.99 buys 1050 CC ($1 = 105 CC)
    • $US19.99 buys 2400 CC ($1 = 120 CC)
    • $US39.99 buys 5500 CC ($1 = 137 CC)
  • The monthly stipend was also explained, with more per month based on the length of game time subscribed or purchased:
    • 30 days (1 month) subscription for $US14.99 – 500 CC/month
    • 60 days (2 months) game time card for $US29.99 – 525 CC/month
    • 90 days (3 months) subscription for $US41.97 ($US13.99/month) – 550 CC/month
    • 180 days (6 months) subscription for $US77.94 ($US12.99/month) – 600 CC/month
  • Having a digital (subscribers only) or physical security key attached to an account will grant an extra 100 CC/month.
  • The Friend Referral programme continues, granting a one-time 500 CC when your referred friend subscribes, and an additional 100 CC/month for each month they remain subscribed.
  • A few days after launch, a trailer was released: “A Galaxy of Possibilities” (also on YouTube).
  • For Free and Preferred players, it was revealed that the 2 character slot limit was per account, not per server.
  • Some new frequently asked questions have been added to the Help Center:
    • Physical “Cartel Coin Cards” can be purchased from BestBuy and GameStop in the US, each costing $US19.99, and conferring 2400 CC. A unique account-wide mini-pet is granted the first time a card is used from each retailer (Arctic Manka Lynx from BestBuy, Lobelode from GameStop).
    • Free Player Guilds are guilds created by Free or Preferred players, with a slightly reduced feature set for the Guild Leader.
    • Legacy will unlock earlier now (previously it was the end of Chapter 1), though it has yet to be discovered just how early, or what the triggering event is.
    • Player status (Free, Preferred or Subscriber) does not grant any kind of boost to conversation or loot rolls!
  • There are breadcrumb missions that lead players to Section X (thanks to Hru for pointing these out):
    • Republic Fleet: General Conlath [-4590, -4745] (southern end of the GTN quarter, at the bottom of the steps that lead up towards the Mission Departures elevator)
    • Imperial Fleet: Captain Gostel [4710, 4800] (in the main corridor that runs south from the central hub, at the top of the steps that lead down to the Crew Skills quarter)
  • BioWare’s Damion Schubert (Lead Designer) answered a set of questions from Dulfy in SWTOR F2P & Future content interview with Damion Schubert.
  • Game Update 1.6 is already on the PTS! You can find the current patch notes in the Test Center. Game Update 1.6 includes the new Ancient Hypergates warzone, and six new 50+/hard mode space missions for each faction.

4. Force Feedback

We discuss tweets from @JediTChalla (T’Challa), @Dimbo56 (Dimbo), @ForceChuckle, @tshapedvisor, @VinzerFlinn, @killed_bydeath, @TullyAckland, @JKremss, @HolyCrapItsLate, @SWTORReforged, @IRBountyHunter, @sochobbit, @Thoroughmas, @vayne_verso, @copythat22, @terencemyers, and @voyak.

The irrepressible Chong (@EmpireDivider) provided some pictures for our enjoyment:

Chong has a new pimp speeder. Thanks @SWTOR

@SWTOR The temptation is too strong!

Not only can HK51 one shot your foes… He can also get down!!!

5. Outro

Thanks to Hyp (@Hypknotoad) for joining us this week.

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OotiniCast Episode 54 — 2 Comments

  1. .Sup fellas, great show as usual as to what i’m accustomed to from you cats.
    I hate to sound like I’m complaining about this in game as I’m not, I couldn’t love the game more, but I do see a few things here and there and would like others opinions on or just to let others know about something.
    So then down to it, while using the carbonite chamber to heal I don’t think it heals your companion as your characters heals does, I think everyone knows what I mean.
    One more thing when your character dies and the return to medical appears the top section of that dialog box use to show quite visibly the time you had to revive, I mean it’s still there just shaded out to say l. Just curious if anyone has noticed this, as I did send in a ticket about it some time ago and the response was it’s working perfectly as intended so hmmmmm yeah….
    As always fellas thanks for reading and keeping up with the very nice intel on the game. Yours literary The Dark Jedi T’Challa

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