OotiniCast Episode 30

Oni returns this week with Hyp to join Chill and Teo to discuss the revelations coming from E3 about what’s coming beyond Game Update 1.3. We also talk about the sudden revelation that server transfers would begin next week on Tuesday (12 June).

1. Introduction
2. Question to the panel
3. Trivia question

This week’s challenge is carried over from last week: what do the following Star Wars terms have in common:

  • Palpatine
  • Mon Mothma
  • AT-AT Walkers
  • Sandcrawlers
  • Slave One
  • Ewoks


  1. The fact that the terms are all from Episodes IV-VI is not the answer; a similar list could have been compiled for Episode I-III
  2. It has nothing to do with grammar or spelling
  3. The following terms would NOT be on the list: Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, Landspeeders, the Millennium Falcon, Wookies

If you are interested in being entered in the random drawing for a Tauntaun Fawn code, please send your answer to ootinicast@gmail.com.

4. The Holofeed
  • Patch 1.2.6 was deployed during Tuesday’s regular maintenance.
  • Dr Ray Muzyka, CEO and co-founder of BioWare, gave a 3 minute presentation as part of the EA (Electronic Arts) press conference at E3, being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This included a trailer which was later made available on YouTube. SWTOR’s existing achievements were described, and then Dr Ray gave some glimpses of what was to come over the next year:
    • Level cap increase
    • New planet: Makeb
    • New operation: Terror from Beyond
    • New companion: HK-51
    • New warzone: Ancient Hypergates
    • New race: Cathar
  • Dr Ray also announced that the unlimited free trial, up to level 15, is coming in July.
  • Elaboration on the E3 presentation was provided to game journalists in behind-closed-doors press conferences, including DarthHater.
  • Game Update 1.3 (patch notes) has arrived on the PTS!
  • Gamespy had a great interview with Daniel Erickson, including some the best indication yet of what’s coming for the upcoming evolution of the space game!
  • There was yet another Community Q&A (June 1) this week.
5. Force Feedback
  • We discuss tweets from @weihanthekidsun, @CaptainCheebra and @ForceChuckle.
  • Masticon emailed us with a clear description of the bug that causes companions weapons to be readied when out of combat, and (if you so desire) how to get your companion to put it away.
  • Carlo Cravatzo emailed us with an explanation on what we were doing wrong in the final encounter in Cademimu: our DPS was simply too high, triggering the next rocket firing sequence (which is based on percentages of the boss’s health) before the previous had completed, thus filling all four quadrants with fire. This has been fixed in Game Update 1.3, to ensure that there’s at least 15 seconds between each time the rockets fire, regardless of the boss’s health.
6. The Sarlacc Digest

Sooner than we expected, BioWare announced (Character Transfer, Server Populations and You) that character transfers will commence next week on Tuesday, 12 June. Plenty of BioWare answers were provided in the discussion thread in the forums to the questions that inevitably followed.

We discuss the mechanics of the process, and what this will mean for the SWTOR community, and for us. Will we be gently herded off Space Slug? Are they going to salt the Slug?

7. Outro

Thanks to Oni (@Freakin_Ninja) and Hyp (@Hypknotoad) for joining us this week.

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OotiniCast Episode 30 — 2 Comments

  1. Keep up the great work guys, I listen to all your podcasts as I fall asleep with my headphones on! If I fall asleep too quickly, the following evening I begin the ‘cast at the point where I drifted off! PS- Teo and Chill for president!

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