OotiniCast Episode 2

In our second episode, Chill and Teo are joined once again by Hypknotoad and Skove. After briefly covering the latest SWTOR news–dominated by the imminent fourth and last Beta Testing Weekend–we spend the rest of the show answering listener questions. It’s clear there’s a lot of eager and curious people wanting to know more about this game!

1. Introduction
2. Question to the panel
  • What are your plans for this big beta test weekend?
3. Trivia question
  • What are the hyperspace coordinates for Coruscant?
4. The Holofeed
  • Last Beta Testing Weekend over Thanksgiving
    • Wave 1 starts Friday 10am CST (Sat 2am AEST, Fri 4pm GMT, Fri 8am PST)
    • Wave 2 starts Saturday 10am CST (Sun 2am AEST, Sat 4pm GMT, Sat 8am PST)
    • Finishes midnight on Monday CST (Tue 4pm AEST, Tue 6am GMT, Mon 10pm PST)
    • Going to create Robes on Head guild on a test server, we’ll announce which one when we know what’s available; all welcome!
  • James Ohlen reveals the Legacy System
  • Pre-Launch Guild Program nearing end of last phase
    • Phase 3: Deployment ends Friday midnight 2 December CST
    • If you’d like to join us in our guild Robes on Head (PvE, west coast), log into your SWTOR.com account and nagivate to our guild page and click the [Apply to this guild] button
5. Force Feedback
  • Email 1 from Bugger:
    • “I’m curious if there will be player and/or guild housing in SWTOR.I’d never really been interested in player housing until LOTRO and now it’s a driving factor in the direction I take my characters when questing.”
  • Email 2 from Wemb:
    • “If the quests put you into a cutscene, how does that work on a pvp server?
      Doesn’t it make you a bit vulnerable for attack?”
    • “In a Flashpoint, who makes the choice on how you respond to dialogue?”
    • “Also in a Flashpoint, if one or two companions are used to cover empty
      player spots, how do you choose whose companion/s are used?”
  • Email 3 from Wingy:
    • “Even though i heard it on the podcast i am still unsure how to go about buying the game.
      I have looked at www.swtor.com and clicked on pre-order.
      I really want to get the digital deluxe edition.
      Is anyone buying the collectors edition?
      I cant click on the button cause im at work, but how much will it cost to buy the game (AUS $) ?
      Also how does that postal thing work?
      Whats the payment methods?
      Are all copies coming from America and being shipped out?
      So there will be no Aussie retailer selling them?“
    • “Does that mean we will get a slower/lag response when playing the game due to servers being in America?”
    • “How many planets are there?”
    • “How many [characters] can you have going at one time (alts)?”
6. The Sarlacc Digest
  • Should there be flying mounts in SWTOR?
7. Outro

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