OotiniCast – The Star Wars Holiday Special

I suppose you could say that it was our way of celebrating Life Day! Chill, Hyp and our friend Grizz got together to watch The Star Wars Holiday Special, which first aired in 1978,  not long after Star Wars IV: A New Hope, which appeared in cinemas in 1977.

The audio from their viewing has been captured in a downloadable MP3, to be listened to alongside the VHS/DVD version of the original show. To synchronise with our track, firstly fast-forward a few seconds until you see the following scene, then pause:

Scene to sync the holiday special withYou can then start listening to our recording. Chill will count down when to unpause your video, to ensure that our commentary aligns with what you are watching.

Based upon our experience, some degree of inebriation may be required to make it to the end. We hope that watching it alongside the OotiniCast crew may also help to make it just that little bit more bearable!



OotiniCast – The Star Wars Holiday Special — 1 Comment

  1. I listen every week, but I have to admit that I hit the wall on the star wars holiday special @ about the 30 minute mark….

    I love me some Ootinicast & ToR and I’ll be back next week, thanks for keeping ’em coming guys.

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