The charts that are displayed via this page were built using data obtained from SWTOR's Leaderboards for Season 2 which commences with Game Update 2.7.1 on Tuesday 29 April 2014. The data is updated from activity in the live game every two hours; what is used here was last updated minutes ago.

The final data that was obtained for Season 1 has been archived, and will be made available here at a later date.

The "Tiers" option has been disabled until we know the three (rather than five) tiers that will be used for the rewards in Season 2.

Choose between solo and group, then use the dropdown menus to pick your server (or all servers together), and which chart you'd like to see. This link can be copied to return to your current selection. Enjoy!

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Leaderboards — 2 Comments

    • Things are certainly rocking on POT5! Somehow I’m guessing your solo pops are somewhat more frequent than ours on The Harbinger. :)