The charts that are displayed via this page were built using the final data obtained from SWTOR's Leaderboards for Season 1. When Season 2 starts, the charts will again show the latest data. The final Season 1 data will be also accessible as an alternative view.

The tiers and their associated rewards for Season 1 have been announced! A new category ("Tiers (Season 1)") has been added to show the number of players in each tier based on their current rating. However, for the tiered rewards, it's the highest rating achieved that counts, so more players than shown will have reached the higher tiers!

Choose between solo and group, then use the dropdown menus to pick your server (or all servers together), and which chart you'd like to see. This link can be copied to return to your current selection. Enjoy!

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    • Things are certainly rocking on POT5! Somehow I’m guessing your solo pops are somewhat more frequent than ours on The Harbinger. :)