OotiniCast Episode 308

Quite a bit of news to get through, including some teasers from Keith on his upcoming road map. Then returning guest Ivilon, a professional composer, discusses the new music in Knights of the Eternal Throne, and the state of non-John Williams Star Wars music.

1. Introduction

There are two Ootini guild events planned by Ducky (AhnNu) for Saturday 3 June, both on Tatooine:

  • Where in the World of Tatooine is Carrman? Find an AhnNu incarnation somewhere out in the Dune Sea.
  • Ootini 500 Race! Course will be announced at the event, but it’s suggested that you open up as much of the Tatooine map as you can.

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for both events are creature-based mounts.

To find out more, get in touch with our Ootini guilds!

2. Tip of the week

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Ivilon!

Ivilon’s tip is to listen to songs on repeat with tempos that match that of the cooldown of giving a companion a gift, modified with however many levels of the character perk that speeds up that gift-giving that you have:

  • No perk: 2 bars at 136 bpm (beats per minute)
    • Love Shack (The B-52s)
    • Sorry for Party Rockin (LMFAO)
  • Level 1 perk: 2 bars at 162 bpm
    • I Feel Good (James Brown)
    • Happy (Pharrell Williams)
    • Shake it Off (Taylor Swift)
  • Level 2 perk: 1 bar at 100 bpm
    • Rock your Body (Justin Timberlake)
    • Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  • Level 3 perk: 1 bar at 152 bpm
    • Message in a Bottle (The Police)
    • Don’t Speak (No Doubt)

Please send your tips to ootinicast@gmail.com by next Wednesday for a chance to win a Taunfawn or M8-3R droid code, courtesy of BioWare, and an OotiniCast-provided Cartel Market pack from the latest shipment.

3. Holofeed

4. Force Feedback

Blachloch (Blay) discovered that Chill’s facial growth could be watched over time via the thumbnails for our OotiniCast live recordings on YouTube:

Thoroughmas suggests the “Which One Is The Flesh” track from Doctor Who Series 6 could pass as a downtempo version of our intro and outro themes.

5. Sarlacc Digest

Ivilon discusses the new music in KOTET and the state of non-John Williams Star Wars music.

The full KOTET playlist may be found here.

6. Outro

On the show this week were Chill (@BrandonLStarr, twitch.tv/chillswtor), Teo (@jasonetheridge) and Ivilon (@percomposer, stephenridley.com).

Information about our guilds on The Harbinger, Ootini Knights (Republic) and Ootini Rage (Empire), can be found here.

You can email questions and comments about the show to ootinicast@gmail.com. Follow us on Twitter via @OotiniCast. Check out our website, ootinicast.com, which has links to our presence on Google+ and Facebook. You can subscribe to us on iTunes, and listen to us on Stitcher and Spreaker. We record the show live every Wednesday at 4:30pm Pacific, goto ootinicast.com/live to find out how to join in!


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