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Our next live recording of OotiniCast will be episode 328 on Thursday 1 March, starting at approximately 10am PST (6pm GMT, Friday 5am AEDT).

You are welcome to watch and participate via the Twitch chat below (or connect using an IRC client to Twitch chat’s #OotiniCast channel, as described here). We will attempt to answer questions asked as we go. Alternatively, you can watch and chat using Twitch directly on

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Live recording — 20 Comments

  1. Shiv, is that the move that has the “shing!” sound that people hit me in the back with over and over and over and over and over? If so I freakin’ HATE that move!

  2. One of the greater aspects of swtor is the personnel relationship between the player and there toon via the in game role playing option. It drives us to see are characters as actual individuals in the Star Wars universe. It worries me that with the new gender species change etc. that for some the convenience of it although nice at first will eventually sacrifice that personnel in game experience each of us has with our toons and stray us further away from the dynamics of the game that make it so appealing to begin with. I love the CM but with caution.


  3. Hey guys, I would recommend taking a look at the Logitech G13. I heard you guys talking about the Nostromo and I figured I could let you guys in on my experiences. I used to have a Nostromo and ended up upgraded to the G13. The Nostromo only has 15 keys where the G13 has 22. I like the joystick on the g13 just as good and you get a space bar and a modifier button.

  4. Congrats on 100 episodes guys. Great job, and here’s to hoping to one day be congratulating you on episode 1,000. 😀 (( Waits for ALL of Teo’s hair to turn grey just THINKING about all that editing. ))

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  6. Wow,, cool guys. Thanks for the mention. I always have fun doing these things for the community. It’s what makes mmos so much fun for me. Everyone has a good time and especially in Swtor. Not only is it StarWars related.. I rarely run into asshats.. looking foward to seeing everyone Friday. 🙂

  7. Hey guys, first time to the site and been listening since last Sept. Came to the site bc my ipod died an wanted to hear more tips about pvp. Fist thing that I noticed is that Chill and I use the same headset, great minds think alike 😛 Anyways love the tips, really like the interviews. It opens my community prospective from the raiding sector.

    Pax is coming up soon in Seattle A.K.A Community Cantina any plans to pop your head in Chill (since I know you just live not too far)?

    See you all around fleet 🙂

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  13. Hey Folks

    Really Really appreciate your feedback on my situation WRT progression. Gave me alot of great direction. As you know, with progression, once you get the progression bug there’s no turning back and with this team, they are very committed to progression. I plan to have a discussion privately with this individual to discuss options. For context, all members have worked closely with this person to try and improve their play over the year. (Advice, Rotation, Gear Optimization, Class Spec….etc.) We’ve even PVP’d with him to try and hone his skills….it’s just not happening. Although it’s not a discussion I’m looking forward to have, I think it just has to happen for the good of the team.

    Will keep you posted.


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    • Mosq told me that yesterday during our operation run, and I did just that after we were done. Very, very smooth process! Running Windows 10 now and loving it. 🙂

  15. Good tip o’ the week by Knight on Episode 230. Swapping using focus target (and target’s target) effectively is the next skill people need to reach to improve playing performance. Lots of people at this point know how to achieve good damage, the next level of play is getting priority targets dead and keeping heals alive.

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